Paul Oellermann Fine Art Photography | The Long View

Long Exposure
The long exposure images are created with the use of filters attached to the front of the lens. This can extend the exposure time to minutes long.
It is a lovely way of getting a different perspective on that safe view that you have seen many times before.
Tauranga HarbourMoturiki Island Long ExposureSolitary TreePapamoa TreesTauranga HarbourTauranga Harbour BridgeSulphur Point CranesTauranga Harbour Mooring PolesTauranga Rail BridgeMatapihi Rail BridgeKarewa Island ViewKarewa Island SeascapeMclaren Falls Park AutumnMclaren Falls Park SunsetMount Maunganui RocksMount Maunganui RocksMount maunganui RocksMount Maunganui Long ExposureMount Maunganui Long ExposureOngare Point Jetty